Windows Virtualization-Based Security

Have you noticed that sometimes you are not able to save credentials? For example, when accessing remote shares, shortcuts, etc. You might have also seen a "Windows Defender Credential Guard does not allow using saved credentials" error message. This is because 'Windows Virtualization-Based Security' is turned on. And this is on, by default, in Windows 11. Windows 10 has it available but because it is a bit of a resource hog, it isn't turned on by default. This is also another reason to disable it.
To disable it, do the following:
    1.  Press Win + I to launch the Settings app. Navigate to the left-hand side menu and click on the Privacy and Security option.
    2. Click on Windows Security and then click the Open Windows Security button.
    3. Windows Security app will launch. Go to the left-hand side menu and select Device Security.
    4. Find the Core isolation section and click on the Core isolation details option.
    5. Now, check whether the Memory Integrity toggle is active or not. If it is active, toggle the switch to disable the feature.

      Disable core isolation 1

    6. Restart your system. And test credential saving / performance.