What Fires Us Up?


Our aim is to bring Linux and Free / Open Source software to businesses and organisations that are looking for original and innovative ways to increase return on investment, improve efficiencies, and lower the total cost of ownership of their computer infrastructure. Traditional, proprietary software solutions are not providing these benefits anymore. 

Free and Open source software, such as Linux, can provide excellent value, reliability, stability, lower the TCO, and give more bang-for-buck.

We want to help businesses and organisations realise these truly exceptional benefits.

An Alternative


Here at Freedom IT we offer alternative solutions for your information technology requirements. We dare you to consider the alternatives seriously.

Nelson-owned, Nelson's Best


We aim to be Nelson's leading Linux and open source specialists. Our focus is on open source alternatives and to integrate those alternatives into your current information technology infrastructure. Experience has taught us the right ways and wrong ways of integrating.

Open Source


We recommend and prefer open source solutions where possible. A key paradigm shift taking place in the information technology world today is away from proprietary solutions and toward open solutions.