Joomla & iframes

Things to check to allow Joomla articles to contain iframe html elements:
  1. If you're using the MCE editor:
    1. Under Extensions, Plugins, Editor - Tiny MCE remove the iframe element from the Prohibited Elements field.
  2. If you're using the JCE editor:
    1. Go to Components, JCE Editor (Pro), Profiles, {Default} profile;
    2. Select Plugin Parameters, Media Support;
    3. Under Standard Parameters, set Allow IFrames to Yes.
  3. If you're using the RSFirewall plugin:
    1. Go to Components, RSFirewall, Blacklist/Whitelist and add a whitelist item of the IP address that needs to add the iframe element.
    2. OR
    3. Go to Components, RSFirewall, Exceptions;
    4. Add a new exception with the following options:
      • Exception Type: Component
      • Use Regular Expressions: No
      • Match: com_content
      • Skip PHP Protections: No
      • Skip SQL Protections: No
      • Skip JS Protections: Yes
      • Skip Upload Protections: No
      • Reason: Allow in content
      • Published: Yes
    5. For more info: